When our dear friend and fellow natural beauty junkie, Sylvia, was blessed with the birth of her beautiful baby Jessica, we were so excited! First of all, look at that gorgeous face… AND, immediately we rushed to interview this new mommy goddess on her chemical-free beauty routine with her daughter-proving that today’s baby beauty has come a long way!


Baby Jessica
Baby Jessica

The ERBAVIVA DIAPER CREAM is a huge staple. I use that on her 3-4 times a day. It is so healing! Totally helps her diaper rash! The echinacea reduces the redness and inflammation and the lavender and chamomile extracts are so soothing. Sometimes I mix it with potato starch to help soak up excess moisture in that delicate diaper area. I have also found that it is great when the folds in her neck become inflamed. I apply it really generously, and the results are immediate. You have to get creative sometimes!


From Left to Right: California Baby Hair Detangler, Original Sprout Hair & Body Babywash, Zoe Organics Belly Butter, Erbaviva Diaper Cream
From Left to Right: California Baby Hair Detangler, Original Sprout Hair & Body Babywash, Zoe Organics Belly Butter, Erbaviva Diaper Cream


I am also addicted to ZOE BELLY BUTTER. Originally it was for me to help reduce those not-so-lovely stretch marks and help me get that pre baby elasticity back! But, I found it so nourishing that I started applying it to Jessica’s baby eczema with amazing results. We indulge twice every day. Bath time is all about ORIGINAL SPROUT. We both use the NATURAL SHAMPOO- Jessica is not a fan of getting her hair washed, but this shamppo is so pure and clean. It rinses out in a flash, which is half the battle when you are dealing with a diva who doesn’t love hair washing time! It is actually a fabulous shampoo for her dad and me too! And because you can never have too many beauty products, I alternate with the ORIGINAL SPROUT HAIR AND BODY BABY WASH, which does double time from head to toe- and I found it really helps with dry skin, cradle cap, and any other irritation. The day after a hair wash we must use the CALIFORNIA BABY HAIR DETANGLER. It is just awesome. If I don’t use it her hair is just a crazy mess and she looks so like she has no home and no mother to take care of her. Ok, maybe not that bad, but it is really a lifesaver with those baby tangles! A few sprays and her hair is so soft and not at all sticky. Plus it leaves a yummy, light scent. Because I’m always on the run and throwing a million things into a diaper bag, its great to find one product that does it all. I have found that I can’t go anywhere without ZOE EVERYTHING BALM. It’s this fabulous multitasking stick that is so great for dry or chapped skin anywhere. I put it on Jessicas face before we go on a walk, give her a bunch of kisses, and my lips are instantly moisturized!


From Left to Right: Zoe Organics Everything Balm, Original Sprout Natural Shampoo, Dr. Hauschka Body Silk, Dr. Hauschka Rosemary Leg and Arm Toner

My beauty routine would just not be complete without DR. HAUSCHKA products. I never thought I would use “baby powder”, but then I discovered DR. HAUSCHKA BODY SILK, which is unlike any powder I’ve ever tried. Again, great for me and Jessica! So silky, those sage extracts are incredibly healing, and the smell is amazing. Super absorbent, and I even use it on my face for a perfect translucent finish. With a new baby, my gym workouts have been put on hold but DR. HAUSCHKA ROSEMARY LEG AND ARM TONER is the perfect substitute! I put it on and immediately everything looks and feels a little “tighter”. It stimulates and refreshes my tired limbs and just makes me look..better… Who needs the treadmill??

I have always wanted to use chemical free products. Jessica’s skin is sensitive and porous during this formative stage and I want to do my best to minimize the level of chemicals in her daily routine. I think that the non-toxic, natural products work just as well, if not better, than those with chemicals. The synthetic products are counter productive- adding a chemical onto a baby’s skin most often defeats the main purpose of the product, which is to heal and to soothe. I am so grateful to have been introduced to such amazing brands for my baby, which have also been so wonderful for me as well! She may be a 3 month old diva, but at least she’s a healthy one!!


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