MOISTURIZER (1)Tantrum. That’s the word I would use to describe what my skin and hair have been throwing down lately. My complexion has been this rugged, dry, acne-prone monstrosity, while my hair decided that it was having none of the remaining summer heat. My natural curls have turned into a chaotic mess of tangles, frizz, and relentless split-ends. I had almost given up and accepted defeat until Olivella came into my life. Olivella is a natural skincare line from Italy that bases 100% Italian Virgin Olive Oil in their products. The line contains natural ingredients that are paraben free, dermatologist tested, eco-friendly, Kosher, and not tested on animals.

I began using their Olio Di Bellezza, also known as their Moisturizer Oil, and almost immediately my skin stopped being quite so angry. This oil not only smells really good, it also has anti-aging properties. I love the way it sinks right in, yet still feels really moisturizing. It’s perfect for both face and body and works absolute wonders on dry skin. Since I started using this oil, my skin looks fresher and clearer. The redness has decreased dramatically, and the acne has calmed down. This oil is a definite must have.

After using the Olive shampoo and conditioner, my tresses did a complete 180. The shampoo left my hair shiny and soft while the conditioner worked overtime by taming my frizz, restoring moisture, and detangling like no other. Not to mention that they both smell amazing! I then gave it to my sister, who has long, straight, chemically treated hair, and she also noticed a huge difference in the way her hair looked and felt.

olivellaLOVE the Crema Mani! This nourishing hand cream hydrates well and doesn’t leave the skin feeling icky or greasy afterwards. Normally I shy away from bar soap, but The Sapone In Barra is totally innovative – my skin felt luscious and supple after using, not dry and chapped. Olivella also makes fragrance. O.Live Sensuale for Her and O.Live Passionale for Him. Both scents are a little citrusy and, like every product at Olivella, provide your own personal Mediterranean aura. (tres sexy!)

Olive oil is high in anti-oxidants and has been used for centuries for the lasting benefits it provides. We’ve all heard about the super positive effects of eating a Mediterranean Diet. Why not take it a step further and incorporate the “Mediterranean Diet” into our skincare routine? Thanks to Olivella, we can. Before you know it, tantrums, dry skin, dull hair, and stinky, greasy lotions and soaps can all be things of the past.

This post written by Mary Silva, contributing writer for RenataHelfman.com.

This post written by Mary Silva, contributing writer for RenataHelfman.com.

Mary Silva is a beauty junkie, enthusiast, and student on the path to self-discovery.

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