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Sasha Plavsic Founder- ILIA BEAUTY

Sasha Plavsic

“I now know that a natural cosmetic brand can be filled with organic goodness, packaged with class, and perform above the rest…”

These are the words spoken by Sasha Plavsic, the gorgeous genius behind the brand on everyone’s lips (literally!!) ILIA. Renata and I have been so very lucky to be able to try the entire new collection, and for lack of a better word- it just ROCKS!!  We were so taken with this rainbow of colors that  we accessed our inner Martha Stewart, hunkered down at the kitchen table, and created our very own ILIA palettes, which are filled with all these stunning formulas. This has become our go-to palette on the set- with everyone coveting these shades. It makes looking beautiful  simply effortless!

The MULTI STICKS and ILLUMINATORS are chic blocks of color made with Vitamin E, Shea butter, and all types of other organic ingredients. These totally brilliant products define the word multi-task! SWAY is an amazing bronzy shade that I blend onto my cheeks for instant bone structure, and smudge onto my upper and lower eyelids. I top it off with POLKADOTS and MOONBEAMS, a subtle, luminous highlighter that makes me positively glow-great for cheeks, inner corners of eyes and brow bones. A yummy pop of ALL OF ME (a deliciously warm coral ) or TENDERLY ( just about the sexiest pink you’ve ever seen) on the apple of my cheek and I am instantly transformed. These are great for lips too! I must confess, I made yet another mini palette of these sticks and that will sit all by itself in my Hamptons holiday travel bag- because I won’t need anything else!!

iliadotsOf course, Sasha didn’t stop there- her lip collection is so stunning, my formerly dull wear-the-same-gloss-everyday self is a woman of the past! I am normally not a lipstick person, I usually find them too drying. Maybe its the sunflower seed and the jojoba oils that make the ILIA LIPSTICKS so deliciously creamy- I am a total convert! I am wild for PINK KASHMIR, an electric shade that has successfully taken me out of my nude comfort zone. Same goes for NEON ANGEL, a hot magenta that I love wearing with just a little mascara.Try IN MY ROOM for days when you are feeling a little less daring- its a totally universal pinky-brown that will work on ANY skin tone.

THE LIPSTICK CRAYONS are the perfect, tapered, slightly chunky stick that are formulated with healing oils of sesame, rose hip, and papaya. I am currently obsessed with COME UNDONE, which I am officially declaring the perfect nude- pair it with a sultry smoky eye- can you say Brigitte Bardot??? 99 RED BALLOONS ( how great is that name?!) is a total classic red- think 40’s glam. Like the perfect Chanel bag, it’s a forever color. KARMA CHAMELEON is a spicy coral that literally makes me happy when I put it on.

Renata and Amy's DIY palette!


More things to adore about ILIA: It’s entirely cruelty free, was created with the highest level of ethical responsibility, and is a member of the esteemed Compact for Safe Cosmetics, which supports the global production of safe personal care products for women. Oh, and the packaging is TRES CHIC!! ILIA is truly a star in every sense of the word- Thank you Sasha!!

This post written by contributing expert Amy Holiber.

This post written by contributing expert Amy Holiber.

Amy Holiber is a makeup artist and  has been a contributor to LUCKY, MORE, and ELLE magazines.

3 thoughts on “ILIA BEAUTY

  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    This line of beauty products looks amazing!

    – KW

  2. Love your blog! Take a look around mine, maybe something will spark your interest and you’ll subscribe! Hope to hear from you soon! :)

  3. smarty says:

    I love this line! and the packaging is so sleek and inviting.

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