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I discovered this amazing sunscreen while getting some R&R at a spa in Arizona.  Of course I came stocked with my own but couldn’t resist trying this baby as it was screaming my name from the shelf at the spa’s gift shop. Its really groovy fun packaging and name, and of course its certification of being made with organic ingredients had me at hello. So with a name like COOLA, you’d better be cool and I’m here to tell you it totally is!

There is always a backstory when someone makes a healthy alternative to something toxic and COOLA’S founder Chris Birchby has really put it all in perspective.  After a family scare of skin cancer, he decided it was his mission to come up with sun protection that met all his needs. It was obvious to him that it had to be free of harmful chemicals which can cause cancer in the first place, and with the help of an enthusiastic team of chemists, this native California surfer managed to produce a line of upscale sun protection that not only offers a vast amount of diversity but has me wanting to use nothing else! The textures are SO amazing under my makeup; they are ultra sheer and have proven after days at the pool that even my most sensitive skin areas were nurtured and protected.

COOLA is made here in sunny So Cal in small batches, so that Mr. Birchby and his team can re-formulate at the drop of a hat to stay current with new scientific developments which will keep us free from harmful rays.

My ultimate mainstays are the Matte Finish Mineral for Face and the Pina Colada Sunscreen Spray for my bod. Yeah that’s right! You can still have that Hawaiian tropic love affair you had in the 80’s!  COOLA has managed to capture some of those yummy, sexy scents and make them good for you!  So fun!!
Following the regulations and recommendations of the FDA, CDC, Skin Cancer Foundation, and the American Cancer Society, the very serious matter of educating and providing healthy alternatives is no joke to this delicious brand. The comprehensive website is a portal of significant discoveries and information that will answer all your questions and concerns.
Last, but not least, the ingredient list is MOST impressive.  Chock full of anti-oxidants, hydrating oils, and vitamins, this sunscreen will be a treatment as well as a protector.  There is something for everyone from COOLA including a special line just for your little ones.   I have a feeling there’s much more to come from this cutting edge brand in the future!  I’m giving COOLA a cool 10 and I’m not leaving home without it! xoxo

Chris Birchby, Founder of COOLA Organic Suncare

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Renata Helfman's name and image have become synonymous with eco-beauty. With international editorial recognition from every sector of the beauty industry, she has been featured in Elle, The Los Angeles Times, Natural Health, Vogue, W, and numerous other publications and media outlets. Renata's favorite beauty products and “personal picks” have been in several featured editorials, and the subsequent elevated profile provided by her authoritative endorsement of these products has given their manufacturers substantive marketing results. As a celebrity make-up artist, Renata has fostered seminal relationships throughout the entertainment industry by designing and composing the look of motion picture, television, and commercial actors. Entrusted with the image of Hollywood's great personalities, she has made her mark as the expert who has offered the celebrity alternative to unhealthy chemical laden personal care. Renata founded Vert, the first eco-chic beauty boutique in the nation. Located in Los Angeles, the store instantly became a magnet capitalizing on the public's longing for a cohesive selection of safe chemical free beauty and skin products. As a consultant for various luxury brands, Renata has successfully worked to develop strategies and marketing tools with an emphasis on increased product line diversity and eco-consciousness in order to help generate top selling niche competitors to an ever growing marketplace.

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