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When our dear friend and fellow natural beauty junkie, Sylvia, was blessed with the birth of her beautiful baby Jessica, we were so excited! First of all, look at that gorgeous face… AND, immediately we rushed to interview this new mommy goddess on her chemical-free beauty routine with her daughter-proving that today’s baby beauty has come a long way!


Baby Jessica

Baby Jessica

The ERBAVIVA DIAPER CREAM is a huge staple. I use that on her 3-4 times a day. It is so healing! Totally helps her diaper rash! The echinacea reduces the redness and inflammation and the lavender and chamomile extracts are so soothing. Sometimes I mix it with potato starch to help soak up excess moisture in that delicate diaper area. I have also found that it is great when the folds in her neck become inflamed. I apply it really generously, and the results are immediate. You have to get creative sometimes! Continue Reading

osmiaMany of us have probably had the experience of picking up a supposedly unisex product, before opening it up and getting a whiff…and your experience comes to a screeching halt while you think, “Wow, this is definitely meant for dudes.” (Or vice versa if you’re a guy.) Sometimes, it’s an amazing product and you decide to  use it anyway, but smell can be a deal breaker. I, personally, like to keep a few different types of scents on hand as my preferences will generally change with my mood. Makeup and clothes are definitely inspirations, but there’s nothing like a great scent to help get me going. When Dr. Sarah Villafranco created Osmia Organics, it’s obvious that scent was a huge motivation. Continue Reading

MOISTURIZER (1)Tantrum. That’s the word I would use to describe what my skin and hair have been throwing down lately. My complexion has been this rugged, dry, acne-prone monstrosity, while my hair decided that it was having none of the remaining summer heat. My natural curls have turned into a chaotic mess of tangles, frizz, and relentless split-ends. I had almost given up and accepted defeat until Olivella came into my life. Olivella is a natural skincare line from Italy that bases 100% Italian Virgin Olive Oil in their products. The line contains natural ingredients that are paraben free, dermatologist tested, eco-friendly, Kosher, and not tested on animals. Continue Reading

Diana Ralys TonerA while back we posted a blog about rockstar facialist Diana Ralys. Her facial is one of the best I have ever had, and if you are lucky enough to live in LA, do yourself a favor and immediately book one. It’s an experience your skin will thank you for! SO, it only makes sense that Diana Ralys Premium Skin Care would be completely extraordinary on every level.  What is so amazing about these products is the sheer level of THOUGHT that has gone into them.  Every single extract, oil, vitamin, and enzyme ( just to name a few) in this line is special, has a purpose, and just makes sense. All I know is that the “Diana Experience” is one that leaves me feeling gorgeous. Continue Reading


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